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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NEWSELA, a Great Resource for Current Events

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This is a free current events service for grades three through twelve. Students can read articles at 5 different Lexile reading levels and take quizzes on what they have read. Subjects include, War & Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, Arts, and Sports. Teachers can create classes and view student work, including test results.  

Here is how to use it-

  • Click, "Not a member? Sign Up Now."
  • Choose "Faculty or Staff"
  • Enter the South School zip code. 04841.
  • Click "Sign in with Google". Use your Google account so you don't have to create a new user name and password.
  • Browse through the articles until you find one you want. Click on it.
  • Just above you will see a place to assign the article to your class.  You can have multiple classes if you want.
  • You can also choose to hide articles from certain classes.
  • For students to sign in they will need your classroom code. Just have them login to their Google account, go to and enter their classroom code.
  • Click the magnifying glass to search by grade level, topic, reading standard, or for articles with quizzes.
  • To view student progress click on the Binder Tab. 
  • You can see a class overview by ASSIGNMENT, or click on CLASSES then the student name to see individual student work. Click on PROGRESS to see who is working below grade level and who is at grade level.
  • Click on the gear to see your account information, add & delete classes, look at your class sign-up codes, and view student rosters.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Digital Books

Here are some sources for digital books:

Overdrive is a service offered by your public library.  You need a library card (any library that participates will do, as a RSU staff member you can get a free Rockland library card) and an Adobe account.  Overdrive provides access to eBooks as well as digital audio books.  There is a free overdrive app available from the apple app store and you can download it from  Books are downloaded to your device (iPhone, iPad, androids, windows devices...). They will disappear after two weeks time.  You can create wish lists and place books on hold. Available titles include fiction and nonfiction for adults and children.  Use caution if using with students. Books can only be read by one person at a time.

Gutenberg LINK
The Gutenberg library is free.  It is mostly older books that are no longer copyright protected.  There are some worthy kids titles to consider including books by Beatrix Potter, Edith Nesbitt, Louisa May Alcott, J.M. Barrie, Frank L. Baum, Thornton Burgess, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Lewis Carroll, Kenneth Grahame, Washington Irving, Rudyard Kipling, Hugh Lofting, LM Montgomery, Johanna Spyri, and Robert Lois Stevenson. You can read these books online from your browser. You can also download a Gutenberg Project app from the app store. Multiple readers can read titles from the Gutenberg library at the same time so this would be a great place to look for books for reading groups.

About eBooks LINK

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monday, March 3, 2014

Google Chrome is a browser that you can use regardless of whether you use a Mac or a PC.  If you login from multiple devices the same browsing history, apps, and extensions will be available to you.  Personalize your browser with backgrounds, apps and extensions.  

The image above shows some of the apps that you can download into Google Chrome.  Go to the Google Store for more options. Putting them in Chrome lets you launch them more quickly and easily.  Here are some I recommend:
Amazon 1Button
Coloring Pages
Lucas' Whiteboard
Google Play

In the top right corner you can see some of the extensions that you can download from the Google Store. Here are some that I recommend:
The Pinterest Pin It Button
Google Mail Checker (displays the number of unopened mail)
Evernote Clearly (removes side bars)
Evernote Clipper (clips content to Evernote)
Pandora Sound Control (turns Pandora on and adjusts volume)
You Tube Options (removes advertising from You Tube)
AdBlocker (blocks out ads)
Black Menu for Google

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Olympics Resources

The official Olympic website with information about athletes, countries, sports, and videos.  LINK
Olympic Games Mini Lesson from Scholastic LINK

Australian Olympic Committee LINK

Coloring Pages 1 LINK
Coloring Pages 2 LINK
Activity Pages (UK) LINK
Olympics Pinterest Page 1 LINK
Olympics Pinterest Page 2 LINK
Olympics Pinterest Page 3 LINK
Olympics Pinterest Page 4 LINK
Time Magazine for Kids LINK
NBC Learn Videos LINK
National Science Foundation, Science of Winter Olympics LINK
Enchanted Learning Olympics LINK
Teacher Pay Teacher Resources LINK

2014 Mascot Information LINK

Please preview all videos before you share them with your students and wait to mirror until the ads are finished.