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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Student Reading Folders

Student reading folders can be a source for free reading materials and for classroom research. Many online libraries provide opportunities for unlimited numbers of students to read the same book so they are also great for small group reading. Some digital libraries include digital as well as audio books. Folders should include the following:
For information on how to create a classroom account you can watch the "Getting Started" video. LINK

You can also learn how to create a student quiz (multiple choice or true and false) to check for understanding, create a collection of books and use the student reading logs. 

Storyline Online Free, No Login

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Storynory Free, No Login

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Destiny Discover Our South School library collection of digital books as well as access to the online library catalog and personal account information. Students (and teachers) can put books on hold here and see what they have out. 

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