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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Lucy Calkins

The following Lucy Calkins resources may be helpful to you.
  1. The Heinemann website has Progressions, Rubrics, Checklists, Writing Samples, and Demonstration Texts. We were given a login code at the workshop that may or not still work.  Let me know if you would like to give it a try. Here's the link, LINK
  2. Units of Study, Lucy Calkins website LINK
  3. Lucy Calkins Videos, LINK
  4. The North Clackamas school district has broken down Lucy Calkins units into one page session summaries. For more information visit their website, LINK.

"A committee of instructional coaches and teachers with deep understanding of and experience with Units of Study, have created one page summaries of each writing session with clear targets. They want to emphasize, however, that they are not a substitute for reading the lessons; they are a guide to help teachers when planning and teaching. And they are working documents-feel free to revise them and make them your own. In addition, the following support materials have been created for you:

 • A grade to grade scope and sequence. 
• State Standards student tracking sheets for each grade level.
 • An alignment of State Standards to Units of Study 
• Anchor papers for each grade: this is what a proficient writing sample is. 
• A K-2 Scoring Guide (in draft stage) 

Providing writing instruction for students is a collaborative effort of K-12 teachers. It is important that each teacher uses our core writing program. A core curriculum allows students to build on what they learned the year before. Consistency in language, formats, and models allows students to focus on deeper understanding of concepts and skills. What a student did last year connects to what he is doing this year. The second or third time a student experiences a unit of study, keener insights lead to a more thorough transfer of skills to their writing. Teachers also know what concepts were taught. Writing samples can be passed on from grade to grade."