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Copyright and Fair Use

Teach students to follow copyright rules as stated in the Internet Use Agreement. Use the Common Sense Education curriculum to help with this including the video below.

The following information was posted to the student website.:

Children today are growing up in a media rich environment.  Responsible digital citizens need to know how to use the internet safely, how to search the internet effectively, how to respect the work of others, and how to communicate respectfully using digital tools.   

Respect the Work of Others
There are lots of great images, music, stories, and information available on the internet. Responsible digital citizens don't take things that don't belong to them because that would be stealing.  If you want to borrow things you find on the internet to use for school projects there are some basic rules you should follow:
  1. Find out who owns it.
  2. Get permission to use it. 
  3. Pay for it if necessary.
  4. Give credit to the creator.
  5. Use it responsibly.
 Watch videos in the playlist below to learn more.

Britannica Encyclopedia allows students to cut and paste images for their creations and provides citations to help you give credit to the creator.

Sites for responsible and ethical use of photographs. 
Photos for Class
Pics 4 Learning
CC Search

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