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YouTube in the Classroom
By Deanne Tibbetts for a Teacher’s Workshop, September 2, 2016

  1. Quickly Link to and Login from the Chrome Browser
  2. Reasons to Use Youtube
    1. Videos are a Powerful Learning Tool
    2. Students can refer to videos over and over
    3. Flipping the Classroom
    4. Curating Content
    5. Sharing Your Own Content
    6. Embeddable Playlists, students need not visit YouTube to see your content
    7. Professional Development, Keeping Current
  3. Choose Channels to subscribe to so you can stay current on important topics.
    1. Most respected educational and nonprofits organizations will have a YouTube Channel and you can search within this channel for reputable content for your own professional development and for content for your students.
    2. Search for specific channels by using keywords and adding the word “channel”, i.e. Olympics channel, National Parks channel
    3. Search for channels by using the “Browse Channels” button at the bottom of your YouTube subscriptions section. Here you will find categories and recommended channels.
    4. Click “Manage Subscriptions” to organize your channels in alphabetical order or from newest to oldest. You can also delete channels here as well.
    5. Search within the channel by clicking on the magnifying glass that is on the channel’s navigation bar.  It isn’t easy to see so you will have to look for it.
    6. Recommended Channels:
      1. Richard Byrne-Free Tech 4 Teachers Sample
      2. Responsive Classroom Sample
      3. National Geographic Kids Sample
      4. Olympic Sample
      5. Technology for Teachers and Students Sample
      6. Google for Education Sample
      7. Teaching Channel
      8. Edutopia Sample
      9. Seaworld for Kids Sample
      10. Khan Academy Sample
      11. PBS Kids Sample
      12. Common Sense Education Sample
      13. 58 National Parks Sample
      14. National Park Service Sample
      15. Acadia National Park Sample

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.11.42 PM.png

    1. When you subscribe to a channel you will receive email updates keeping you informed about new videos that have been added.

  1. Upload Your Own Videos
    1. Spark Voice, From the iPad
      1. From the home screen click on the three dots on the far right then click share
      2. save video to your camera roll
      3. From your iPad go to Photos, Photo Stream, Click the Share Button (rectangle with an arrow), Choose YouTube
    2. Video saved to your laptop
      1. From YouTube click the upload button in the upper right corner
      2. You can upload videos from Google Photos, or select videos from your laptop.
      3. Choose if you want your video to be public, unlisted, or private.
      4. Add additional information like a message, links to related content, permissions for embedding, Creative Commons attributions… or edit this information later.
    3. Editing Videos that are Uploaded
      1. Click on My Channel
      2. Go to the video manager
      3. Click the video you want to edit
      4. Click edit to change the viewing permissions-private, public, unlisted
      5. Add a message to your video if you haven’t already
      6. Change your thumbnail photo
      7. In “Advance Settings” you can choose not to allow comments, give Creative Commons attributions, and disallow embedding
  1. Create Playlists. Curate, organize, and provide access to videos.
    1. Find the YouTube video you would like to add to your playlist
    2. At the bottom of the video click on, “Add to”Adding to Playlist.png
    3. Choose a playlist that you have already created or click, “Create New Playlist” and add the name of your playlist
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 10.53.58 AM.png

playlist options.png
  1. Embed playlists in your website or blog.
    1. Click on the menu to see your channel features. Look for the playlist you want to embed in the “LIBRARY”. Open it.Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.08.02 AM.png
    2. Add a description of your playlist.
    3. Add/edit your PLAYLIST SETTINGS: Do you want it to be Public, Unlisted, or Private? Do you want to allow embedding? What order do you want your videos to be in? Do you want the newest videos to be at the top? Do you want videos to be automatically added to your playlist using keywords in the title, description or tags? Do you want collaborators to be able to add videos to this playlist?
    4. Click the SHARE button to share your playlist through social media or to embed using the embed code provided. Where and how to use the embed code will depend on the application you are using. Generally you copy the embed code and paste it to the provided space on your website or in the HTML code. Playlists can also be emailed.
embed code.png

This is what your playlist will look like once it has been embedded in a website or blog. Click the three lines in the top left corner to see a list of videos in the playlist. Choose one from the list or click the red play button to watch them consecutively.
Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 11.56.30 AM.png

  1. Your YouTube Channel
    1. Your Uploaded Videos
    2. Your Playlists
    3. Your Subscriptions
    4. People can subscribe to your channel.
    5. Personalize your channel with a background that you can upload with from your own photos and a profile picture that you can take with photo booth.

YouTube for Kids App
  • Available for Apple or Android
  • Preschool/Elementary Audience, kids 8 and under
  • Can search for channels, i.e National Parks channel, Seaworld Kids channel. The channel will come up in the results and you can click on it to see a list of videos from that channel. Very Cool!
  • Cannot subscribe to channels or create playlists, maybe later?

Copyright, YouTube
Help Center, YouTube

Fair Use, Georgia University System

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