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Google Play is a Google App that allows you to store and play music, books, movies, and apps in the cloud and use them on any android or iOS device.  Google Play offers the following features:
  • You can upload up to 20,000 songs for free, including songs ripped from CDs, and songs purchased from iTunes
  • You can purchase music from the Google Music Store
  • You can create playlists
  • You will need to download a free app called Music Manager that scans your iTunes library or any music folder on your computer and matches your collection to what's on Google Play, instantly adding matched tracks to your library.  It will also load songs that can't be matched.
  • There is a great share feature that allows you to share samples through email.  Just highlight a song and look for the three dots in a vertical line.  Click on the dots and you can share a sample of the song or a Youtube video through email.  
  • Download Music Manager and make sure the icon of the headphones is in your dock and at the top tool bar.
  • Save all of your music into one folder for easy upload.
  • Make sure you are logged in as the same person in each of the places you are using.  If you have multiple accounts it can get confusing!  Music Manager requires a user name and password as well as Google Play.  
  • When the Music Manager is open click on the Advanced tab to see who you are logged in as.  You can also set your download speed here.
  • Children's Music is a Genre in the music store.
  • iTunes also has Children's Music you can search by clicking on the little triangle beside the word Music in the top tool bar.
  • iTunes music can be shared across devices if you purchase the music from iTunes or pay a yearly fee of around $25
  • You can purchase music from iTunes and store ripped music from CDs but only on the device you rip them to.

Tips for Laptop Use
  • To see who you are logged in as from your laptop choose Store.  Look at the bottom for View Account.  There you will see your username.  You can log out and log in as someone else if you want. "Store" is at the very top of the screen on the tool bar.  

  • You can authorize and deauthorize devices here as well
  • When you are in the iTunes store your user name will appear in the top left corner of the screen.

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