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Spark Video

Adobe Spark Video
(formerly Adobe Voice)
Deanne Tibbetts, July 2016

The Short Story
  • FREE iPad App and now available in your browser
  • Combines icons, images, and voice.
  • Videos can be saved to your camera roll, emailed to a friend, shared through the Adobe cloud storage or linked and embedded in your website.  

What’s New!
  • You can now create on a laptop
  • Your creations will sync over multiple devices
  • Adobe Voice is now called Adobe Spark Video and is part of a suite of three Adobe products that include Spark Page and Spark Post.

  • ICONS. Includes over 25,000 icons that you can search by keyword.
  • PHOTOS. You can use photos from your iPad, Dropbox, Facebook.  You can take a picture from the app. You can search the internet for Creative Commons photos on the internet.  Creative Commons filters do not insure that images are appropriate for all ages. Use the same cautions you would use for all internet searches.
  • VOICE. You can record your voice separately for each slide. Just click on the orange microphone below the slide you are narrating.
  • SLIDES. Each slide has an image and a separate voice recording.
  • THEMES. You can use pre-made themes that determine the font, music, backgrounds, and the way the images appear or you can create a custom theme.
  • CITATIONS. Images and icons are cited at the end of every video, automatically. (cool!)
  • SHARING. You can automatically share your videos to Twitter and Facebook or email them to friends. Links can be added to your website to take viewers to the cloud based Adobe storage site. Stories can also be saved to your camera roll.
  • SECURITY. Videos can be shared publicly or privately.

How To…
  1. Download the app from the App store.
  2. Click on the plus sign to create a new story.
  3. Skip the title.
  4. Choose “Make Your Own”
  5. Choose a icon, photo, or text.
  6. Record your voice by holding down on the microphone.
  7. You can add slides by clicking the plus sign.
  8. You can reorder the slides (with the audio) by holding down on the slide and sliding it to where you want it.
  9. You can duplicate and delete slides by tapping on them.
  10. LAYOUT changes how images and captions are arranged on the slide.
  11. THEMES changes background colors, font, and how the images appear or how they are “animated”.
  12. MUSIC lets you choose the background music. You can choose from preloaded clips or use your own from your iPad.

  • talk to the microphone for the best quality recording
  • use caution with internet searches for photos
  • scan student art work and save to your photos
  • if your video does not upload it may because of issues with one of the creative commons photos. Make a copy of your video and delete photos one by one, try to upload after each delete.  If you can upload your video after you delete a photo then that is the photo that is causing the problem.  Replace it with a different photo.
  • when you delete shared videos from your “project” file it is still in your shared file

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Additional Information:
Adobe Handbook for Educators look for the PDF at the bottom of the page.

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