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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Assistive Touch Tool

The Assistive Touch Tool is a "button" that will stay on your screen, providing you quick access to some handy features like "Speak Screen" and "Screenshot". This could simplify use of some of these features that are hampered by the child safe cases that are on student iPads. Here is how to set up the Assistive Touch Tool.

  • Open Settings
  • General
  • Assistive Touch 
  • Turn on by swiping the button to the right. It should turn green.
To Customize the Assistive Touch Tool with the features you want to use follow the instructions above. Click, Customize Top Level Menu...
  • Click the + button to add features (options include: Home, Notifications, Device, Siri, Control Center, Lock Screen, Rotate Screen, Volume Up, Volume Down, Gestures, Triple-Click, Shake, Multitasking, Screenshot, Lock Rotation, Pinch, Double Tap, Analytics, Dock, Restart, Speak Screen)
  • Choose up to 8 features
  • I recommend that students use the Screenshot feature and the Speak Screen feature.

Screen Reader

This is the new screen reader that will pop up on your screen and read aloud the text that is up on your screen. The turtle symbol will slow down the speed of the text and the rabbit symbol will speed it up. If you click on the first circle with the less than symbol, it will minimize the tool bar and keep it on your screen to use again when you are ready. 
  • Use a two finger swipe from the top edge of your screen to bring up the screen reader.
  • You can also add the screen reader to your Assistive Touch tool. It's called, "Speak Screen". (GENERAL-ACCESSIBILITY-ASSISTIVE TOUCH-ON-CUSTOMIZE TOP LEVEL MENU-(+)-SPEAK SCREEN)