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Geography Game Websites
World Geography Games LINK
Twenty five games that you can play to help you learn your states, countries, continents, and geographical features.

Shepard Software Geography Games LINK
This is a great way to learn states, states in regions, capitols, and geographical features.  Also, learn about continents, countries and the world.

Information and Printable Maps
Go to this site for printable maps of each state and region as well as maps for countries. LINK

More Printable Maps.  These are "mega maps" that can be printed on multiple pieces of paper and then put together like a big puzzle.  Very cool.  LINK

Britannica Student Encyclopedia from Marvel Maine LINK 

Google Maps helps you create your own maps and allows you to look at the whole world or to narrow in on the street where live!  LINK

Go to this site for basic information about countries. Under the heading of GEOGRAPHY click the region you want to learn about. LINK

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