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Holiday Resources

The following videos are from reputable sources but I recommend that you preview them in their entirety before you share them with your students.  You may also want to advance your video to the start.

PBS has a series of very short videos about a variety of holidays. There are also teacher materials available.  Create your own free account. LINK
More from PBS Learning Media
Eight Days of Hanukkah LINK
Use Your Light LINK
Hanukkah Word Search LINK
Another Dimension LINK

Rick Steves European Christmas 
Rick Steves is host of a popular PBS travel show.
55 minutes, recommended for older students. The European Christmas is focused
on the religious aspects of the holiday.

This YouTube playlist has Sing Along videos as well as videos about reindeer and other aspects of the holiday.

Arts & Crafts Projects
Here is a link to my Pinterest page.

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