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I love the interface of this website! The kid’s app is a closed environment so there is no access to an online store. You can download previews of books to read before you buy. Parents can set up sites for kids and give them an allowance.

  • Canadian based company, Global ebook market
  • eBook Reader available
  • Books can be read in a Kobo app on an iPad
  • Dedicated children’s ebook store for safe browsing. The kids store does have books for teens as well which may not be appropriate for younger children.
  • Earn points for each book you buy
  • Set up your own account and then set up unlimited “Kid Accounts”. Each Kid Account will need an email address and a password. You can add an allowance but it is not necessary. Kids will not be able to make in app purchases or purchases on the website.
  • There is a trick to downloading books into the kids app.  You first need to purchase books from the Kobo website, logged in as the child. Then you need to open the app and from the “All” page you need to hold firmly down on the center of the screen and pull down. Books from the site will sync with the app.
  • Kids never need access the store. Management of student libraries can be done by the teacher. From the kids website, they can click out of the kids section and see adult content.
  • Only 2 free kids books when I reviewed the site, lots of free adult books.
  • Kids can also download previews of books or you can add them to each child’s accounts from the website.
  • Consider setting up “dummy student” accounts like “MarksStudent1” or “Nonfiction Reader” or “HumorReader”...
  • No Elephant & Piggie books, but they are not available as eBooks from Amazon either

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