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Sunday, February 26, 2017

MEAs 2017

MEAs 2017

1.Every staff person that is administering or proctoring the test must watch the following training videos and familiarize themselves with the Test Administration Manual by March 17th.

2.Every staff person that will administer or proctor the test must sign the Test Security Agreement and turn it into Justin by March 17th.
3. Monica and Jenny will coordinate accommodations.
4.Every person that administers or proctors the test must follow a script. Scripts are in the Test Administration Manual.

5.All students should be familiar with test taking strategies and online test technology features and login. Sample tests and test taking strategies must be done by March 17th.
6.Test Administration
  • Student logins will be provided to classroom teachers.
  • Students will use an app that has been pushed to their iPads. 
  • Students do not need to be locked into the app. They will be locked in automatically.
  • Proctor Passwords will be used when students have paused their test for longer than 30 minutes. Keep Proctor Passwords confidential.
  • Test completion:
  • Click FINISH
  • Click TURN IN
  • Click TURN IN again