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NWEA Reports

Goal Setting Worksheet
This LINK has information about the Student Goal Setting Worksheet. There is also a video included that explains how to read the results and how to incorporate them into your class. 

Using NWEA Reports to Guide Student Goal Setting
This NWEA node describes report options and how you can use them to set goals. LINK

Strategies Packet for Parents and Students
This could be a great handout for conferences or to use with individual students who want to improve their skills.  (Thanks Laurie Walsh!) Packet Link

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.04.17 PM.png

2.Under View Reports, click MAP reports
3. You can see a list of the available reports on the right under MAP Reports.
  • Summary with Quadrant Chart is the report that was used on our workshop day to determine student growth
  • Student Progress will give you an individual student report, select RIT


Individual student test data is available the day after students take the tests.
District-wide or school-wide reports are not available until we close the testing window, which will not be until after the 19th.

-Joe Knight, June 16, 2015

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